The first 21st century Apple product that caught my eye was the pink iPod mini. After the Apple event on Tuesday, I ordered the pink Apple Watch series 9. I’m really excited about it, and planning to pass my current watch down to my tween daughter. 

I have a 13 Pro now and planned to upgrade, excited to move to the usb-c connector. I love the look of the pink iPhone 15, but didn’t want to give up all three camera lenses, plus the other new/pro features. I wish they’d  make an iPhone Pro in pink! The Pro colors are pretty boring. 

So I’ve been mulling for the past couple days about if I would be happy with the pretty!pink iPhone 15, or if I should go for an iPhone Pro as usual. I’ve decided to go with the iPhone 15 Pro(blue titanium), and I’m ready to preorder it in the morning. My tween was disappointed by my choice, though.