My oldest child, Guinevere, is a 12-year-old, and while there are some new challenges to tween parenting, it’s mostly pretty great. 

She’s started reading the Percy Jackson books. Then she came home one day telling me about the classical Greek theatre she had experienced in her drama class. Now we can talk about Percy Jackson and Oedipus!

At school, while discussing an article asking whether students should use AI, she asked how AI was defined, and pushed back when the (substitute) teacher said after “checking” that, yes, video games and Google are AI. 

In one of Guinevere’s classes, the students could play a trivia game against their classmates after finishing a test.  She played against a boy who had the screen name “Imagine Losing”, and beat him twice.  The boy got mad and said, “Just let me win! I have a reputation to protect!”  She did not comply.