For the last few days, I’ve been focused on choosing new paint and carpet for the bedroom. I knew that I wanted a light pink paint for the walls, so I picked a few colors that I liked and did test swatches on the walls in the room. The three colors that I sampled were Behr Pink Sea Salt, Behr Angelico, and Behr Stolen Kiss.  I painted swatches on every wall in the room to test the color. It’s amazing how the same color can look so different on walls in the same room! All three colors were really pretty, but we decided that Angelico was too dark for this room. 

We also need new carpet, and I’ve never chosen carpet before, so I wasn’t sure what to do. Some might suggest that we should consider putting in a hard floor for better resale value of our condo, but I definitely want carpet in my bedroom. Our contractor directed us to their carpet supplier, and we went to look at the different carpet options. I brought the paint chips with me and compared our top two paint colors to the carpet colors. We also touched and walked on the sample carpets to feel the differences. Since we’re not sure of the budget range, we picked a few options that we liked.

After much staring at the test swatches and doing a couple of second coats of paint, we’ve decided to go with Behr Pink Sea Salt for the paint.

My bedroom currently looks like this. For how this happend, here’s a previous post. My Bedroom My Bedroom

Now we just have some waiting to do while the restoration company makes the estimate and then the insurance company has to approve it. We’re still at a hotel and hoping to get back into our home soon!